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Advised Huaibei GreenGold Industry Investment Co., Ltd. on its Global Offering

On 20 January 2023, 淮北綠金產業投資股份有限公司 (Huaibei GreenGold Industry Investment Co., Ltd.) (“Huaibei GreenGold”) successfully listed on the Main Board of The Hong Kong Stock Exchange Limited (Stock code: 02450).

Huaibei GreenGold is a state-owned construction material supplier located in Huaibei City, Anhui Province. lt is the third largest manufacturer of construction aggregates in the market of Huaibei City and its surrounding cities (including Suzhou City and Bozhou City) in 2021. lts main products include aggregate products and concrete products. Through its subsidiaries, Huaibei GreenGold has the capacity to conduct aggregate mining and processing as well as concrete production, thus laying a solid foundation for Huaibei GreenGold to capture the opportunities in the construction materials market.

DeHeng Law Offices, acting as legal advisors to the issuer as to PRC laws, formed a project team consists of Xu Jianjun, a partner of DeHeng Beijing office; Wang Yuwei, Li Xiaoxin and Zhu Liang, partners of DeHeng Shanghai office and lawyers Fan Yutong and Kou Yunmei etc. Chungs Lawyers (in association with DeHeng Law Offices), acting as legal advisors to the issuer as to Hong Kong laws, also formed a project team to fully participate in and facilitate the project. Both project teams worked closely and actively with Huaibei GreenGold and other professional parties to provide professional, comprehensive, efficient and high-quality legal services for this project.

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